Interior decorative concrete overlays

Interior Decorative Concrete Overlays The interior applications for decorative concrete flooring and overlays allow stunning looks and improve versatility of plain old concrete surfaces. Decorative concrete overlays also improve durability and fix all blemishes that occur.
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Exterior decorative concrete overlays

Exterior Decorative Concrete Overlays The options are endless with exterior decorative concrete flooring and depending on what sealer's are used, can make a huge difference to the final result.
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Exposed aggregate

Exposed Aggregate The surface of exposed aggregate is rugged, non-skid and resistant to heavy traffic and weather extremes. Many types and sizes of decorative exposed aggregate are available to achieve unlimited colour and texture variations in concrete flooring.
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Stamped impression concrete

Stamped Impression Concrete Stamped concrete is an excellent substitute for more expensive natural stones, pavers, or flagstone.
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Concrete spray paving

Concrete Spray Paving Concrete spray paving gives you the ability to fix up those ugly concrete areas for the perfect decoration and renovation, adding huge value to your home at a fraction of what you’d expect to pay.
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And any other decorative concrete!

Exposed Aggregate Sometimes it can be hard to decide on what concrete flooring product you need, simply because you don't know what options you have. While our gallery can give you some ideas, please contact us today for a consultation on how we can make your surfaces beautiful with concrete flooring. Melbourne clients know us for our superior products and excellent customer service.
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